Are you spending your days feeling drained, bored or unsatisfied and wondering if this is all life has to offer?

Do you ever ask yourself what your purpose in life is?

Are you living life based on what you think you should do rather than what lights your soul up?

Have you been going through life wearing a mask to hide who you really are inside?

It's time to stop dimming your soul! No more holding yourself back from living the life your soul desires.

Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are you will:

  • Have clarity about what you really want
  • Know which direction to take in your life
  • Let go of judgments about yourself and others so you can experience fulfilling relationships
  • Feel more connected to your work and balanced in your overall life
  • Understand your inner gifts and how to use them in a way that has you feeling on purpose

With me as your Certified Guide you will go through a 4 week program to learn about all 24 sacred gifts and complete a unique comprehensive guide assessment that will reveal the gifts within you. You will have audios and teaching materials that will take you through a powerful journey of self discovery along with a 60 minute call together each week. 

Special Offer for the first 20 who sign up 

$397 now only $147 

Discover Your Sacred Gifts

1:1 program 

Week 1 • Understand the Feel on Purpose formula and how it can lead you to living a life of meaningful purpose. • Get clear on what Sacred Gifts are and begin uncovering clues to the gifts within yourself • Complete the Sacred Gifts Inventory

Week 2 • Learn about each of the 24 gifts so you can identify which gifts you have and which gifts you don’t have • Begin identifying what feels energizing vs soul sucking • Understand how gifts are different than skills  

Week 3 • Understand your Sacred Gifts Inventory results • Learn how you can use your gifts to design a life of meaningful purpose • Identify ways your gifts can benefit others  

Week 4 • Discover a powerful releasing process that will allow you to overcome negative beliefs that are holding you back • We will work together to tie it all together as you explore your gifts using the Feel on Purpose formula  

Each week we will have a 60 minute call together via skype or phone.

“Through the Sacred Gifts program I have learned more about myself than I could have imagined. Learning about my gifts has enhanced my life by adding deeper meaning and impact. I have gained clarity on my direction in life and my life has so much more meaning. I am excited to explore and learn more about the world than ever before. 

With Julia as my guide through this journey I was able to have questions answered and this tied everything together. She allowed me to see things from a different perspective enabling me to have a deeper understanding. I have a brand new positive outlook on many different aspects of life all thanks to her insight. With her own personal experiences and training guiding me I have learned to appreciate life even more than I did before, for that I am forever grateful. ”


“By going through the Sacred Gifts with Julia as my guide I have discovered a lot about myself. I had forgotten how much my art and creativity meant to me. Now that I have brought that back into my life on a regular basis I feel more in tune within my daily life. This process has been eye opening.”


The Discover Your Sacred Gifts program will take you on a journey of renewal, connection, self discovery and growth. You will experience a connection to your inner desires and a deeper sense of purpose. Discover what gets you excited about life, learn what holds you back from living a life you desire and release what no longer serves you. Understand how you can build a life of meaningful purpose 

Special Offer for the first 20 who sign up $397 now only $147  

Julia Virtuoso is a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide and a Lifestyle and Mindset Coach helping women who feel trapped and uninspired Discover their Sacred Gifts so they can build a life of meaningful purpose. 

Inspired by her own life challenges and experiences Julia is devoted to helping women overcome self doubt and negative beliefs through a blend of solution focused coaching and intuitive insight. 

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